Bar loading magazine

  • Hydrodynamic guide concept
  • Setting up during the production
  • Bar loading magazine and machine from one source

Productivity boost with the bar loading magazine

Bar loader for the INDEX multi-spindle automatic lathe

Highlights bar loading magazine MBL

Your benefits

  • Bar loading magazine in 2 versions: Version 3300 (Bar length 1500 - 3300 mm) & Version 4300 (Bar length 2000 - 4300 mm)
  • Setting up the loading side and drilling unit during production
  • Drilling the bars during production
  • Drilled bars in the buffer, thereby minimizing loading time
  • Hydrodynamic guide concept & low-vibration design
  • Optimized accessibility of the magazine & ergonomic loading
  • Bar feed in all 6 spindle positions by servo drive with absolute encoder
  • Machining of polygon bar stock possible

MBL40-6 in focus

Focus on a robust bar guide

The design of the new INDEX bar loading magazine MBL40-6 is based on a pusher with an internal collet, which clamps the drilled bar stock. The bar can be moved freely forward into the work area of the machine, and finally the remnant at the end of machining is fed to the disposal station. Unlike other standard systems with pushers and external collets, there are no interference contours protruding beyond the bar diameter here, which were responsible for a significantly larger play in the guide channel.

The system selected by INDEX requires only an addition of 1 mm to the bar diameter for the inner diameter of the guide channel. This ensures high stability and low vibration tendency. In addition, flooding the channels with oil and rotating the bar create a hydrodynamic guide of high running smoothness. It allows bar speeds of up to 7000 rpm on the bar loading magazine MBL40-6. The resulting fluid pad between the bar stock and the channel wall—made of a plain bearing material—allows high speeds even with polygon bars.

The bar loading magazine MBL40-6 is suitable for bar diameters from 13 to 40 mm of round stock and for wrench sizes from 12 to 32 mm of polygon bars. 

Guiding principle

Hydrodynamic guide of bars in oil-flooded channels made of sliding bearing material

  • The channels are adapted to the bar diameter with plastic reducers (bearing half-shells). Simple clip fasteners facilitate the setup of the bearing half shells.
  • This results in optimum guidance of the bar stock.
  • The guiding principle is suitable also for polygon bars.

Modular component system

Bundle loader
Rack loader
Basic loader

Technical data

expand all
Round, dia.
13 - 40
Hexagon, size
12 -34
Bar length - Version 3300
1500 - 3300
Bar length - Version 4300
2000 - 4300
Rack loader, load capacity
Bundle loader, Ø 300 mm
Speed max.
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Multi-spindle lathe and bar loading magazine from one source

The bar loader MBL40-6 is perfectly matched to the high-performance CNC multi-spindle machine INDEX MS40C.